1.Ahih Jaihi – Release Me (RealAhihZation Album)

Let me rinse your brainwashed mind for a minute.
Just wash it off, that’s right. I would like to welcome you all.
To your self. This is RealAhihZation.

Ahih Jaihi speaks and my words slice like a katana sword.
M.C.’s talkin’dirty like they got their mouths from a whore.
I burn all their wickedness. Crush them unto to the floor.
Coz they’re the one who crucified I and i on the cross.
They’re the one who left me out to die alone in that cold.
But I will never die and I’ll forever shine like a diamond.
And you’re still sleeping at this moment, and you dont care at all.
Now it’s time to separate all the sheeps from the goats.
It’s time to seperate all the clean from the unclean.
It’s time to separate the nightmares from all the sweet dreams.
The word became flesh, behold the transformation of the son of man.
He passed the trials to become the one.
Evil are the ways of those who denies the life to come.
Execution marathon and mind intoxication.
When I kick the beast in the knees he will never rise again.
Thunderin and lightning.Still me nah go fear no man.
Coz their heart are greedy and hateful.
And while the people still dont learn coz their blind,deaf, and neglectful.
Dont follow them. Listen. Come closer. The house of the righteous stands.
While the wicked’s house falls unto ground, broken and shatterd into pieces.
no rest for the wicked. My words are deep like the waters
drown like the pharaoh, you know!

I’m releasin’ my mind from all the lies they’ve thought I.
I’m releasin’ my mind from all the bondage, they’ve trapped me.
I’m releasin’ my self from all the sins that they gave me ever since I was born.

2012 ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED for Fesaha Productions Ent.®
From the album Realahihzation.
lyrics written by: Ahih Jaihi
beat/instrumental produced by: J.V.M.E.P Fesaha and A. Lugtu
guitar/bass by: Heavygat
recorded and mixed at Fesaha Studio Zaandam
album cover made by:Stoned Image
executive producer:J.V.M.E.P. Fesaha


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