2. Ahih Jaihi – More to Learn (RealAhihZation Album)

Still got a lot of things to learn…
that’s right!

I try to stay walking in the right path and do the Do(way)
I do not speak about things I really dont know.
Every day i try my best to tame my ego.
And let go the hatred and greed, get rid of what i dont need.
I dont participate with your ”ass kissin”.
Coz that’s what you little kids do ever since ya’ll started rhymin’.
I thought them how to walk with those feet, but now they kick me with it.
Now I dont associate myself with them ingrates.
Now movin on just like the ” lone wolf ” without no ”cub”.
Tiger with a wooden club. swingin steppin in a dub.
Please excuse me, I’m not tryin to act tough.
I just want them ”bumbo clot” to shut the fu#* up!
Oh sh%t now i find myself complaining again –
So again i must try to relax and calm down me.
That’s right you see i want the same IMAGINEnation just like LENNON.


Still got a lot of things to learn.
and more respects to earn.

That’s right! Ahih Jaihi right here…peace ya’ll!

2012 ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED for Fesaha Productions Ent.®
From the album Realahihzation.
lyrics written by: Ahih Jaihi
beat/instrumental produced by: Ahih Jaihi and Mahmul Ahngqu
guitars by: Heavygat
recorded and mixed at Fesaha Studio Zaandam
album cover made by:Stoned Image
executive producer:J.V.M.E.P. Fesaha



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