3. Geometry On Dimensions (RealAhihZation Album)

(vocals playing backwards)

I train my brain to upgrade my mind.
Enhancing my senses.Improving as my knowledge increases.
Through the years learning from my experiences.
So many valuable lessons,that’s right!
Now move along,reality aint different from dreams.
And for me, only dead fishes swims with the streams.
I govern myself, you go burn your self if you want to.
I know that it’s not my bussiness.
But you’ll be going down the quickest.
Gotta learn to strenghten your weakness.
Specially when you need to make that tough decision
Whether to be bad inside,or be that righteous guide.
Or would you rather be dumb than wise?

And that’s the message im trying to spread 4x
I’m just another Geometry on Dimensions

Once again you hear the sound of my voice through the speakers
Givin you the lectures,passages from my own scriptures.
That I’m sending to the ether,that’s right!
To all different kinds of creatures,i tell ya’ll
Beware of the one’s frontin with that angelic look.
Avoid being fooled by a crook and no matter what happens
I tell ya’ll don’t be shook.we all heard of that before did’nt we?
It’ll be less painful to accept the truth if you’re in tuned with your self.
And don’t forget to take care of your health.Pull my pants up
And tighten my belt,i guess I need to go on,as if the battle has just begun.
Open my eye and open my mind.And keep it like that.
peace on my heart and my head.And that’s the message I’m trying to spread.
And that’s the message I’m trying to spread.

And that’s the message I’m trying to spread.3x
This is the message I’m trying to spread.
I’m just another Geometry On Dimensions.

My eye,My eye.I command you.
Be one and single.i say be one and single.
To see all and know all
Make my body Shine.
Make my mind shine.
Make my soul shine.

2012 ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED for Fesaha Productions Ent.®
From the album Realahihzation.
lyrics written by: Ahih Jaihi
beat/instrumental produced by: Ksus Cases
recorded and mixed at Fesaha Studio Zaandam
album cover made by:Stoned Image
executive producer:J.V.M.E.P Fesaha


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