Ahih Jaihi’s Tribute to a dear friend in HD(higher dimension)

Dearest Kashmir,

As Ahih made a promise…that as long as Ahih exist….
That i will immortalized you through this song which i made for you.
And yes Ahih know that you was there with Ahih while writing the lyrics.
Somehow you had me influenced coz even though i wrote the lyrics based on my own experiences,
Hearing the final edit made me realize that its your message for us too in a way,through channelling.

It was a bit difficult editing the video coz it was shot with an iphone4.
Ahih could’nt figure out at ¬†first how to rotate the image but luckily I was able to and managed…
Ahih hope you like it too. Ahih even included *binaural beats* at the background so it may help
someone listening on it , to relief his/her headache and other various pains, helps one to relax and perhaps aid one on opening his/her third eye, but achieved only using stereo headphones and  played repeteadly until results are felt.

Ahih would like to thank your family for being supportive and understanding.
Ahih told them as long as i’m here, to let me know if there’s something i can be of service to them.

on behalf of all our bros and sis,
Ahih say thanks and peace.

humbly , respectfully, and I-ternally,
Ahih Jaihi a.k.a. R.A.G.
kashmir illahihsnapshot