And they will know……. when they hear my song

Wishes of bliss i send to all beings in all realities,

As I engage this new age….
A lot happened in this present life of Jaihi
which had provided i more knowledge and overstanding
as i continue experiencing everything probable of manifesting.

As of now , i am currently editing and remastering songs which i previously published,
while at the same time i am doing my best on finishing my OptiMystic Album project.
It was’nt difficult choosing which tracks i should begin with and these are 2 of my own favorite which are:

”Child star”
The song which has led me to meet a wonderful  sweet soul known as Yshatar of the International Starseeds Network as well as it is also my first collaboration with Deadsuck also known as Mamerto whom i had met via skullandbones cooperations group established by one brother Jay Dee based in Chicago. And not to forget Jandy of illume in essence.

Published on July 23, 2013

in HD(higher dimension)
to gain infinite bliss

instrumental produced by: Jandy of illume in essence
except drum loop added by:Ahih Jaihi
lyrics written by: J.Fesaha
spoken words by: Yshatar Sereyael of international starseed network
with vocals of: Mamerto a.k.a deadsuck courtesy of skullgang

Got K.A.S.H. ?

Please Allow I, Ahih Jaihi  to re-introduce to each all another one of my personal favorite.
This track truly became a source of strength for i man and for that i give thanks.
As i also would be grateful if ever i could in deed  be helpful on inspiring any one to ease
the loneliness by just focusing on being guided by kindness in it’s purity, naturally and unconditionally.

IN HD (higher dimension)
enhanced with ”binaural beat” for depression relief. It also helps one to have a euphoric feeling and joy within (Frequency 0.9hz Delta )

music composed by: jvm fesaha/ a.lugtu
lyrics written and performed by:ahih jaihi
guitar/bass by :a.lugtu aka heavygat
video by: r.osial aka gulapi

A loving tribute to a dear friend Kashmir ”Kash King Senek” Mourits (*October 12,1985-February 25,2013)